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Myopia Management

Myopia or nearsightedness is more than just a minor inconvenience—it’s a growing concern that affects the clarity of distance vision and can significantly impact quality of life. At Dynamic Vision Constantia Village, we specialise in innovative myopia management strategies designed to slow myopia progression in children and adults.

What is Myopia, and Why is it a Concern?

Myopia occurs when the eye grows too long from front to back, causing light rays to focus in front of the retina instead of directly on it, resulting in blurred distance vision.

The concern with myopia extends beyond just the need for glasses or contact lenses; it can increase the risk of serious eye conditions later in life, such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

What Are the Symptoms of Myopia?

Recognising the signs of myopia early on can lead to timely intervention and management.

  • Blurred vision at a distance
  • Squinting
  • Frequent headaches
  • Eye strain
  • Needing to sit closer to objects to see them
  • Excessive blinking or rubbing of eyes

How Do We Approach Myopia Management?

Our myopia management is rooted in thoroughly understanding each individual’s unique vision profile. We start with comprehensive eye examinations to assess the extent of myopia and its progression.

Based on these findings, our optometrists tailor a management plan that may include prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, orthokeratology, atropine eye drops, or a combination of these treatments. Our goal is not only to correct vision but also to slow the progression of myopia.

What Are the Benefits of Early Myopia Management?

Early intervention is key in myopia management. By identifying and treating myopia early, we can significantly reduce the risk of high myopia, which is associated with a greater likelihood of eye diseases in the future.

Early management can help maintain better vision over the long term, reduce the need for stronger prescription lenses, and contribute to overall eye health.

Why Choose With Dynamic Vision Constantia Village For Myopia Management?

Our dedicated team stays on top of the latest advancements in myopia research and treatments, offering a range of options tailored to each individual’s needs. With our patient-centric approach, modern technology, and a commitment to education, we ensure you receive the highest standard of care.

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